Starting Cyphers


Sleep Inducer: Level 2

Wearable device with a needle prick on the palm. On touch causes victim to sleep for 10 minutes until woken by violent action or extremely loud noise.

Lightning Wall Projector: Level 5

3 smaller cubes and 1 large cubes that can be set up in a line, when activated creates a 30×30×1 foot wall of electric bolts that inflicts damage = 5 to anything that passes through, conforms to the space and lasts 10 minutes.

Strength Boost: Level 6

Synth patch with a picture of a smilley face on one side, smelly goop on the other. Attaches to the skin, when slapped it activates, adding 1 to Might Edge for 1 hour.

Detonation: Level 8

A hexagonal object that, when thrown (short range) explodes in that immediate distance dealing 8 points of electrical damage to everything.

Adhesion Clamps: Level 1

Painful finger clamps attach to all fingers and to your feet that allows for automatic climbing of any surface, even horizontal ones. Lasts for 20 minutes.

Eagleseyes: Level 1

Needle injection into one of your eyeballs which grants the ability to see 10 times as far as normal for one hour.

Density Nodule: Level 1

Crystal nodule affixed to a melee weapon, for the next 28 hours each time the weapon strikes a solid creature or object it suddenly increases in weight dramatically, causing the blow to inflict an additional 2 point of damage.

Phase Changer: Level 6

A belt that, when activated, puts the user our of phase for one minutes. During this time, the user can pass through solid objects as though she were entirely insubstantial, like a ghost. She cannot make physical attacks or be physically attacked.

Rejuvenator: Level 3

Homemade pill, restores 3 points to the user's intellect pool.

Visage Changer: Level 6 — OCCULTIC

A tube of moldable paste, which, when applied, changes the appearance of one human-sized creature. The change takes 10 minutes to apply and lasts 28 hours.

Starting Cyphers

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