Package of Cyphers 2


Ray Emitter (Numbing) – Level 3

Headband that allows the user to project a ray of energy up to 200 feet that numbs one limb o f the target, making it useless for 1 minute.

Metal Death – Level 8

Canister with a hose that produces a stream of foam that covers an area about 3 feet by 3 feet, transforming any metal that it touches into a substance as brittle as thin glass. Can affect metal to a depth of about 6 inches.

Stim – Level 2

Purple vial that decreases the difficulty of the next ACTION taken by 3 steps.

Spatial Warp – Level 5

Small metal ring that is affixed to another numenera device, artifact or cypher that affects a single target at range. That range is increased to 1 mile with no penalties. Space is temporarily warped in terms of seeing and reaching the target. If direct line of sight is important to the device's effect, it remains important. Use of spatial warp counts as one use of said device.

Package of Cyphers 2

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