Numenera, mysterious technology from the past. No one really understands them, at best they might have JUST ENOUGH of an idea to make them do SOMETHING. It probably isn't what they were intended to do, but you're getting a use out of them none-the-less. There are different categories for Numenera, typically defining it's size, and how many uses it has. Cyphers are hobbled together from part, pieces, and luck. They are ONE time uses. An example is taking some piece of glass and realizing it lets you see 2 miles away, but that wasn't what it was for and using it will ruin it. Artifacts are more powerful than Cyphers, they have several uses in them (we roll a dice to see if it runes out on that usage) and are typically being used in some form closer to their original purpose. Devices are very large and powerful relics, the Keeper's tower is an example of a "Device".





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