The Mana War: Part 2

Year 230 - January - The Word on the Road is...

Not Good for The Verge

META NOTE: This is a NEWS POST for in game events. Or in other words rumors you're hearing about from people traveling from different areas.

What's the word, you ask? Ech, I just came south from New Morradin myself, out a Halmud. 

Business as usual in Halmud, businesses being bought, money being made. Apparently someone just bought up several of the taverns and bars, couldn't have been cheap. But I'm not surprised, that town just keeps growing, it's supplying most of the food for the rest of us way out here between the fishing and the farmland. I heard Niko Tesla was on her way back to Halmud, damn sorry I'm not back there to see her perform, she's got a voice of an angel and can play that lute like the devil on a quest.

But now I'm worried, we're stuck here with The Verge, and don't get me wrong they are friendly fellows, but I'm hearing the trade route to New Morradin is being decimated by bandits. Bandits! I didn't think times were this bad, but now I'm second guessing my route. I must'f made it through before they moved in, or maybe they ignored me n'my poor donkey.

Maybe I could go the long way back towards Halmud, but I hear that way is even worse, I haven't heard anyone making that trip in some time, between the monsters and that cursed tower.

But I ain't good and ready to leave yet. Everyone and their pet squirrel wants to know what The Verge has got goin on up here. A dig, found somethin, something big. But damnit we want to know more! I could probably make a living back in Halmud with that kind of information, people ask about it so much.


Capaal Capaal

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