The Mana War: Part 2

Getting Started on a New Campaign!

A Sequel

What do you need to know? Inside todays newsletter I'm going to try to bring together what you need to know and hopefully pointers on where to find that information. Also a reference to the important emails I've released. So read on if you're in need of knowledge…


Character Creation contains the basics of get started, but won't be a full substitute for the book.

Meta Content includes all the information on the changes I'm implementing, posts of important reference material for rules, and more links towards Beliefs and Instincts.

Pre-Campaign Emails might be important to reference, though I can't guarantee how up-to-date they are…

The Forum! I have no idea how to link to it, but there is a button on the left! Pretty good place to have conversations with me and maybe the others, it might even support secrets if you don't want everyone to know!


Lastly, if anyone is interested in the pdf (or going in on one), I like this website…

20 bucks atm for pdf (normal) so sadly not on sale right now.



Capaal Capaal

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