New Morradin


New Morradin's "Gift"

Welcome to New Morradin! The Morradinites discovered their "gift" several years after the settlement of Halmud. Once it became clear that Halmud's government was going to continue attempting to control the populous via money and debts the Morradinites chose to transfer their base of operation to this new location and build a new city.

Thanks to the "Gift"'s powerful and unique effect on the area, this location is the only location other than Halmud know capable of safely anchoring a ship, thus creating a booming and prosperous harbor. Thus, though several years behind Halmud, New Morradin is one of the Major cities on the continent, and a powerful force in any town.

The leadership of New Morradin is openly controlled by Morradinites, choosing to maintain the order's system of leadership to grow the city as quickly as possible and with the smallest amount of time re-organizing. Thus the Lord Bishop of the Morradinites is effectively the governor of the town and ALSO their moral leader as head Bishop.

The Morradinites are a versatile and open religion, and have not attacked those of other paths. They have few covenants, most important of which is the belief that the known gods from the Northern continent have gifted powerful artifacts to the chosen settlers here on the Southern. Thus they worship each artifact as a holy gift from the gods. Sacrilege against such is heavily punished. There is talk of the church commandeering all artifacts as holy and thus solely the property of the church, but nothing official has happened as of yet.

New Morradin

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