Instincts are the things your character does without second thought. If you have an instinct, and the situation fits, then it triggers.

Instincts might be a little weird to understand at first. They basically server 2 purposes.

1) To make YOU (the player) not have to deal with something you just don't want to have to deal with. You don't earn fate when this happens, but you might find these handy to let me know about.

"Whenever there is danger, I dive for cover" Maybe you are an archer, or a coward, or whatever, but your character is always hiding behind cover. This allows you to just say "hey DM, danger, I'm behind cover. And I'll be like, yes you are."

2) To set up a "flaw" or flip side to your instinct as a potential source of more FATE points.

"Whenever there is danger, I dive for cover" BUT it turns out RUNNING AWAY is much more important in a particular situation. So you might (or maybe I will) call out this instinct so maybe your initiative roll, or your running roll will be 1 step harder. You'll earn a FATE point at the end of the session, but you might get punished more because of your instinct.

"If I see a dwarf, I attack him" Oh geeze, thats a flaw in, like, 90% of the situations. So you're going to earn your fate point, and probably piss off your team.

At the moment I'm claiming you can only earn one FATE per instinct per session, but we'll see if that sticks or if I allow more to be earned. I'm undecided.


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