Immediate use XP like points to be earned at the end of the session.

Earning FATE

FATE is earned through interacting with your Character's Beliefs or Instincts.

Earning via Beliefs – At the end of the session, if you can show you've interacted with a Belief that session, then you'll earn a FATE point. This means you've either been following your beliefs (acting on them appropriately for your character) OR was HINDERED by your beliefs (probably causing a complication or making a test more difficult). You can earn ONE (1) FATE point per your belief (so a max of 3).

Earning via Instincts – This is more difficult as Instincts are usually positive (they often are chosen to be things YOU don't want to deal with, like whether your shield is drawn). But if you are HINDERED by your instinct somehow then you'll earn a FATE point. Only 1 per instinct per session.

Using FATE

Fate is the points used for fairly immediate benefit, and usually isn't super beneficial to stockpile.

One (1) FATE – Immediately re-roll ANY dice roll. Attack, defense, skill, someone else's roll, anything.

Two (2) FATE – Buy a SHORT TERM benefit. It is sometimes unclear what a "short term Benefit" is but is typically something you claim is true in the world that will gain you a minor benefit that usually lasts around 1 session. 

Examples: "I climbed this exact mountain pass when I was young!" Ok, pay 2 fate and gain a step down on the difficulty while you climb it.

"The locks in this castle are identical to those I trained on at home" Ok, pay 2 FATE and gain a step down on the difficulty working the locks. But not forever…

You might also be able to obtain a SHORT TERM ability, like a cypher or artifact, but only rarely, if it fits the story really well. "I want to craft a Cypher that lets me breathe underwater" Ok, for 2 FATE and some time and other components you have you can, but it will only last an hour.


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