Character Creation


Character creation is simple if you're happy sticking to the options from the books. More complicated if you want to change rules from the book (but thats true of most systems).

But basically you build a character through three different categories. "A CLEVER GLAIVE who RUNS ON WALLS" Basically means a "clever" "glaive"(read: warrior), who "runs on walls"

Clever: Gives some stat pool points, like more intellect, and usually defines some skills you have, or skills you are terrible at. Like you might be terrible at running, but can investigate clues very well.

Glaive: The class, basically defines the list of skills you can choose from (combat, or spells mostly) and defines some starting choices like stat pools sizes, edge, and how many more skills you might be trained in.

Runs on Walls: Your foci, or unique thing about you. Typically a thing that you do better than anyone else. Usually only brings 1 or maybe 2 things per level that you can do extra beyond your class choices.

The Above options define your character's mechanics. There are choices to make within each of those, as well as some VERY simple gear choices.

Outside of mechanics there are the RP-ish choices to make.

Beliefs which then lead into goals. This is usually a two part sentance to describe your belief, and then the action you'll take on it. See beliefs for more info but you'll usually choose 3 beliefs with connected goals

Instincts which you'll usually choose 3.

And then backstory, which I'm not trying to say exactly how it needs to be done, just that you need to have relationships in the world (enemies, friends, family, people you would go to great lengths to save/kill/help). These connections + your beliefs will give your character motivations. If I feel your character is lacking motivations, then it is probably here that we'll need to examine, or beliefs.

Character Creation

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