I'm going to give guidelines for building your characters beliefs + goals below. It isn't set in stone but it is how a lot of games encourage it to be done, so it might help those who aren't completely familiar with their characters.

1) Choose a BELIEF that is more longterm for your character, or unlikely to change within several sessions. It is quite likely to be linked to the Major event that happened to your character in the past to make you who you are today, or a group or person VERY important to your character. Then add a GOAL to this belief that shows how your character wants to act on it.

"I once watched my family killed before my eyes, I don't want to watch other suffer as I did (BELIEF). I want to avert certain death for a fellow human.(GOAL)"  OR

"The Darkness took everything from me, family, home, happiness. I will have my revenge. (BELIEF). First I'm going to find out who ONE of the leaders is.(GOAL)"

The BELIEF might be longterm, but the goal is best designed to be complete-able in 1-2 sessions.

2) A Short-term goal usually associated with the current situation (see adventure log). This defines your characters personal goal on this job and shouldn't be to successfully complete the mission (because thats already a group goal).

"I NEED this promotion, and Zeyd is the man to impress to get it, I'm going to go above and beyond whats asked to prove that to him. (BELIEF). I know he has his own mission, I'm going to make it go smoothly for him, and make sure he knows I did it. (GOAL)." OR

"My job is protection, so I'm going to finish this job with minimal harm to my team. (BELIEF) I'll consider this a success if I get everyone home without any Deaths or unconciousness. (GOAL).

Both of these Beliefs/Goals are linked to the immediate mission, are personal beliefs about what is important to that person, with linked goals related to the belief.

3) A BELIEF linked to another player, person, or group. This one is more of a flex slow of Beliefs/Goals, there are other ideas that might go here, or a second goal that fits the other categories, and thats OK. BUT I still recommend thinking about a goal related to a person or group, as it draws everyone closer together and creates fun social situations.

"Brinte has those crazy squirrelly eyes, always peering around creepily (YES, a BELIEF). I'm not going to let him out of my sight. (GOAL)"

"I know Ferdinand is close with The Verge leadership (BELIEF). I'm going to get a promise out of him that he gives the boss a good word about me after this mission. (GOAL)"

Obviously these types of beliefs/goals might be best kept hidden, which is super fun! I do want to know about them, as I might VETO goals thats going to completely screw over the group. Like wanting to kill Shannon's character.

Remember, acting on your BELIEFS will earn you FATE points, so even if you don't finish a GOAL in one session, you can show you worked towards it and earn some Fate.

Finishing a GOAL, however, will earn you XP towards Character Leveling. When you choose a new Goal, we'll talk about how much XP it might be worth, so you'll know what you get when you complete it.


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