The Mana War: Part 2

Year 230 - February - Week 3 - Factions In Motion

The quiet after the storm, perhaps. But those watching can see big changes in motion.  Eyes are still firmly fastened on the Verge and their digsite, but no news has reached the greater Halmud area, expecially with chaos in New Morradin Muddling information flow from the Embankment. Supposedly New Morradin has their situation under control,  "The Gift" is still non-functioning, but they've managed to procure ample supplies, and even constructed a new, state of the art, Medical Facility and rumor has it they are preparing to re-from the Knight Templars.

The scariest thought is what might happen soon in Halmud. The city is gearing up for "war" on more fronts than it can handle. Not normal war, but deaths none-the-less. Bandits, refugees, and monsters are the least of the problem. There have been strange new comers setting up shop and they've influcenced the Numenera market in unbelievable ways. And then there is The Darkness, no one is talking about it but they've changed how they work. More aggressive, smarter, more organized, and its clear they're focusing their forces on Halmud.


Capaal Capaal

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