The Mana War: Part 2

Year 230 - February
Tensions begin to rise

Halmud's government has begun to strike back, or so the tales go. People being arrested at night, army raids on stores, banks being appropriated by the council. If the stories are true then anyone who is considered an outsider by the high council took heavy hits, New Morradin being at the top of the list but also a lot of companies and businesses that weren't considered "allied" to the council. 

Best guess? Halmud's leadership is trying to consolidate control, weed out trouble, they're getting ready for something. I'm worried something might happen when they and everyone else find out The Verge has breached a major facility. Numenera is power, and everyone is going to want a piece of it.

Year 230 - February - Week 3 - Factions In Motion

The quiet after the storm, perhaps. But those watching can see big changes in motion.  Eyes are still firmly fastened on the Verge and their digsite, but no news has reached the greater Halmud area, expecially with chaos in New Morradin Muddling information flow from the Embankment. Supposedly New Morradin has their situation under control,  "The Gift" is still non-functioning, but they've managed to procure ample supplies, and even constructed a new, state of the art, Medical Facility and rumor has it they are preparing to re-from the Knight Templars.

The scariest thought is what might happen soon in Halmud. The city is gearing up for "war" on more fronts than it can handle. Not normal war, but deaths none-the-less. Bandits, refugees, and monsters are the least of the problem. There have been strange new comers setting up shop and they've influcenced the Numenera market in unbelievable ways. And then there is The Darkness, no one is talking about it but they've changed how they work. More aggressive, smarter, more organized, and its clear they're focusing their forces on Halmud.

Year 230 - January - Week 2 - DEVESTATION IN NEW MORRADIN
Who will care for the refugees?

Refugees are surging out of New Morradin. Most fleeing East towards Halmud via the most traveled path. Some flee into the surrounding farmlands, just trying to escape the Storm, the winds, the rain, and the destruction. A small few have heard of work in the new town known as The Embankment and flee to the south.

In the early morning, on an otherwise clear and productive day, the skies turned suddenly dark and the winds picked up to a frantic pace. Some remember glancing towards "The Gift" and giving a familiar pray for it's presence. But today they saw it's familiar glow flicker and begin to fade. Panic followed soon after as the first of the waves, small at first, began to smash into the docks.

By Divine grace, many Priests of Morradin were quickly on the scene and began enacting evacuations before most knew what was happening. Leading these brave men and women was one young priest known as Delphine (cover name for Prot) an up and coming young man whom many have come to know and respect. Despite their best efforts many lives were lost that fateful morning, though considering the destruction far fewer than expected.

Well timed, a caravan arriving from The Verge arrived with supplies that have proved valuable to helping those left homeless by the destruction. The Verge is now set up on Pine Row and has graciously offered free aid to those left destitute.

In desperate need of supplies lost in the damage, The Church of Morradin has made a major purchase of Halmudian potatoes and is hurriedly shipping them westwards. Rumor has it that the Halmudian Powers that Be are seething at such outside influence and care not for those left homeless.

Perhaps the one happy piece of news to come out of the last week of tragedy, Niko Tesla is rumored to be traveling west towards New Morradin and a voice like hers could sooth nearly any sad soul.

In other news, Halmud continues battling for power in economic fronts. The council has began erecting economic barriers against outsiders attempting to bask in Halmud's growth and production. This comes hot on the heels of the Morradinite's new monopoly on Potatoes (they already control Halmud's Steel mines) and a new ring of smugglers who've set up camp somewhere and have begun hassling the farmers outside Halmud's walls.

Your First Job (together)
The Verge is onto something.

Each of you has accepted work from The Verge for your own reasons (see player secrets for more details) and it won't be a simple task they ask of you. In essence, they need a large power core. Some of you might know more about this than others, but essentially it is a rare and valuable Artifact used to restore power to Numenera that has drained its own supply. Apparently it is needed to whatever they've found in the dig site, but they aren't saying more… yet. This is NOT an easy job, so they'll be grateful for your services. Plus you've already bargained for your reward.

The starting point given to you is that the Morradinites in New Morradin have several "extra" power cores. So off you go to haggle, bribe, steal, or cheat your way into getting one (or more?). Two sources in New Morradin are known; their "gift", an impressive piece of Numenera the town was built around, or their secret stash. There are probably other cores currently stockpiled by one Faction or another, but New Morradin is certainly the closest. It is worth noting that the Morradinites aren't terribly friendly towards The Verge despite pretending to be, and thus you're being sent NOT as agents of The Verge and won't be publicly admitted to if caught, tortured, blackmailed, or tricked into saying or doing something stupid.

Year 230 - January - The Word on the Road is...
Not Good for The Verge

META NOTE: This is a NEWS POST for in game events. Or in other words rumors you're hearing about from people traveling from different areas.

What's the word, you ask? Ech, I just came south from New Morradin myself, out a Halmud. 

Business as usual in Halmud, businesses being bought, money being made. Apparently someone just bought up several of the taverns and bars, couldn't have been cheap. But I'm not surprised, that town just keeps growing, it's supplying most of the food for the rest of us way out here between the fishing and the farmland. I heard Niko Tesla was on her way back to Halmud, damn sorry I'm not back there to see her perform, she's got a voice of an angel and can play that lute like the devil on a quest.

But now I'm worried, we're stuck here with The Verge, and don't get me wrong they are friendly fellows, but I'm hearing the trade route to New Morradin is being decimated by bandits. Bandits! I didn't think times were this bad, but now I'm second guessing my route. I must'f made it through before they moved in, or maybe they ignored me n'my poor donkey.

Maybe I could go the long way back towards Halmud, but I hear that way is even worse, I haven't heard anyone making that trip in some time, between the monsters and that cursed tower.

But I ain't good and ready to leave yet. Everyone and their pet squirrel wants to know what The Verge has got goin on up here. A dig, found somethin, something big. But damnit we want to know more! I could probably make a living back in Halmud with that kind of information, people ask about it so much.

Getting Started on a New Campaign!
A Sequel

What do you need to know? Inside todays newsletter I'm going to try to bring together what you need to know and hopefully pointers on where to find that information. Also a reference to the important emails I've released. So read on if you're in need of knowledge…


Character Creation contains the basics of get started, but won't be a full substitute for the book.

Meta Content includes all the information on the changes I'm implementing, posts of important reference material for rules, and more links towards Beliefs and Instincts.

Pre-Campaign Emails might be important to reference, though I can't guarantee how up-to-date they are…

The Forum! I have no idea how to link to it, but there is a button on the left! Pretty good place to have conversations with me and maybe the others, it might even support secrets if you don't want everyone to know!


Lastly, if anyone is interested in the pdf (or going in on one), I like this website…

20 bucks atm for pdf (normal) so sadly not on sale right now.



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